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Black Bamboo 6ft, Green Hedging Bamboo 6ft, Arrow Bamboo 6ft, Italian Cypress Cupressus sempivirens, 5.5ft-6ft, Topiary HORSE 5.5ft-6ft, Trachleospermum Evergreen Jasmine 8ft, Dwarf Prunus pendula rubra 4ft, Dwarf Prunus kiku shidare 5ft, Wisteria prolific free standing standards 5ft, 6ft Dwarf Cotoneaster Coral Beauty, Ophiopogon  nigrescens  black grass, Wisteria Lavender Lace 6ft, Wisteria Caroline 6ft, 6ft Twisted Hazel Corylus contorta, 6ft Buxus box spiral topiary, Acer bloodgood 6ft, Acer orange dream 5ft, Acer garnet 5ft standard, Acer dissectum 6ft, Acer shiana 5ft,  Wisteria macroboytrys 4ft, Wisteria burford 4ft, NEW Cottage garden instant border, Wisteria macroboytrys 7ft+ 15litre, Wisteria prolific 6ft, Wisteria alba 15litre 7ft,   Wisteria prolific 3L, Wisteria prolific 6ft, Climbing Rose Fragrant Cloud Magnolia Betty, Magnolia Merrill, Magnolia Henry Kern, Magnolia stellata Royal Star 10litre, Magnolia Susan, 4ft Magnolia soulangeana, Acer Crimson Princess 5ft, Acer osakuzuki 5ft, Acer senkaki 5ft, 4ft Red Japanese Temple Cedar Cryptomeria elegans 4t-5ft, Acer tamukeyama 6ft, Acer palmatum dissectum viridis 6ft, Ginkgo biloba 5ft,  Wisteria Burford 7litre 6ft, Prunus kojo no mai 4-5ft,  4ft Cloud Pruned Juniper Blue Carpet,  Cloud Pruned Japanese Larch Tree, Prunus pendula rubra Japanese cherry, Prunus Fragrant Cloud , Photina Red Robin, Holly Ilex aquifolium, Weeping Blue Himalayan Cedars, Wisteria  standards, , Gold Bamboo 6ft,


ARRIVING THIS WEEK: Black bamboo 6ft, Bissetti bamboo 6ft, Italian Cypress 6ft, Wisteria alba 6ft, Large Fatsia japonica Japanese Aralia, Musa basjoo hardy bananas, gunnera manicata  



Topiary Ligustrum HORSE approx. 6ft at 499.99  CLICK   Arrow Bamboo Bambusa metake 15litreat 49.99   CLICK   6ft Evergreen jasmine Trachleospermum jasiminoides at  35.00  CLICK   3ft Ilex crenata Japanese Holly Cloud Tree at 124.99  CLICK   Musa basjoo Hardy Japanese Bannana 5litre 2ft at 12.99  CLICK






15litre 7ft+ Wisteria macroboytrys Purple Rain at  89.99   CLICK Specimen Acer tamukeyama 6ft standard at 199.99 CLICK 10litre Magnolia stellata Royal Star 39.99  CLICK   6ft elegant Thuja smaragd spiral topiary 89.99  CLICK   Blue 4ft Cupressus arizonica glauca CLOUD TREE 189.99 CLICK

Japanese Larch Larix keampferi cloud bonsai tree 4ft 15litre 179.99 CLICK Cupressus arizonica glauca CLOUD TREE 4ft 179.99 CLICK 6ft size white grape vine Vitis Sylvaner at 25.99 CLICK Newly grafted seedless white grape vine Vitis Himrod at 14.99 CLICK Juniper Grey Owl Cloud Bonsai Tree 42inch  179.99  CLICK

10litre size 5-6ft Climbing Rose Blue Moon at  29.99 CLICK

4ft Holly Ilex aquifolium pot grown at  12.99   CLICK

Magnolia Betty 10litre size 39.99 CLICK

Prunus kojo no mai Japanese dwarf cherry standard 49.99  CLICK

Italian Cypress pencil conifer Cupressus sempivirens 5.5ft-6ft  39.99  CLICK

Box spirals 6ft 124.99  CLICK Lonicera Copper Beauty Evergreen Honeysuckle 6ft size 10litre at 27.99  CLICK 6ft Jasmine x stepehense  at 29.99  CLICK Wisteria Black Dragon BACK IN STOCK,  6ft  CLICK 6ft Cotoneaster Coral Beuaty 39.99  CLICK

Curpessus goldcrest wilma 4.5ft (7.5Litre) plants at 39.99  CLICK 6ft Corylus contorta Twisted Hazel 15litre 6ft specimens  59.99 CLICK 25litre size 6ft size Abelia x grandiflora  69.99   CLICK Magnolia Merrill 10litre size at 39.99   CLICK Red Japanese Temple Cedar Cryptomeria elegans 4ft-5ft 59.99   CLICK

Blue Japanese Cloud Tree Cedrus glauca 4ft and 5ft specimens CLICK Juniper Blue Arrow 4ft 29.99 CLICK 6ft evergreen Honeysuckle Lonicera delavayi at 29.99 CLICK 10litre size Magnolia Susan 39.99 CLICK Wisteria Snow Showers 6ft plants at 49.99 CLICK


Welcome to the internet showcase of Silk Tree Nurseries Sculptural Plants . We are a mail order,  and retail nursery in Oxford specializing in Wisteria, Grape Vines, Jungle & Exotic Plants, 6ft Climbers, Bamboo, and Japanese Plants.

We ship large plants every week all over the UK  and this website can  be used to order plants  from the nursery.

The nursery is open for visitors all year round and our opening hours vary each month (click on Contact & Map). Mail order all year round. Please click  on CONTACT & MAP on the left of this page to view a map.

Please use the links on the left of the page to navigate the sculptural plants  website.


Large Trachycarpus palms CLICK

Wisteria Purple Rain 6ft szie  CLICK

Acer Crismon Queen 39.99 CLICK

Acer Floating Cluods Ukigomo 49,99  CLICK

Edible species Japanese Quince CLICK


Japanese deciduous border  with design plans at 279.99  CLICK

Fernery Shade Plants Border at 149.99 (25 plants)   CLICK

Giant Jungle Border with design plans at 549.99 CLICK

Evergreen Japanese border  with design plans at 235.00   CLICK

Instant border - jungle plants, with design plans at  245.00  CLICK


SILK TREE NURSERIES, The Mill View Plant Centre, Ladder Hill, Wheatley, Oxford. OX33 1HY.



Wheatley Birds of Prey are now OPEN at the Mill View Plant Centre! (click on picture above)

Hawks, eagles, and owls for flying!

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TELEPHONE ORDERS:  07880590926 11am-3pm
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Chamacyparis Yvonne Cloud Chamacyparis Ellwoodi Cloud  Larix keampferi Japanese Larch 4ft Juniper Blue Carpet 42inch Cloud Tree Cupressus arizonica glauca 4ft, blue cloud tree
6ft Cotoneaster Coral Beauty DWARF
Dwarf Prunus kiku shidare sakura, Ginkgo biloba 5ft, Acer tamukeyama 6ft Acer palmatum dissectum viridis 6ft Cryptomeria elegans viridis 4ft, Prunus kojo no mai 4ft


6ft Box spirals,
5.5ft Topiary Horse Box balls 40cm Robinia Umbrella standards
White chocolate vine, akebia quinata shirobana (alba)
6ft Jasmine officinale (white)
6ft Jasmine beesianum
6ft Jasmine stephenese, 6ft Ivy
10litre size Blechnum spicant
60litre size Dryopteris The King Japanese Holly Fern
Dryopteris lepidota Polysticum tsus-simense
10litre size Dryopteris wallichiana
Buxus balls 55cm


6ft Wisteria Black Dragon
6ft Wisteria venusta 6ft Wisteria amethyst
Vitis dornfelder
Vitis niagara
Vitis pheonix
Vitis regent
Vitis Saint Laurent
Vitis Moores Diamond
Rare Strawberry Grape Vines